The benefits of our new Digital Scanner Technology

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The benefits of our new Digital Scanner Technology

Find out about our new digital scanner, Trios3.

This leading digital scanner with precision technology eliminates the need for traditional methods of creating dental moulds for crowns, braces and other dental restorations.

Through using our new digital scanner patients will benefit from an improved patient experience. Digital Scanning Training at Firs DentalTaking digital impressions with the scanner is now more comfortable for the patient and it is also much faster compared to using traditional mould methods. 

The accuracy of digital impressions also results in better fitting dental restorations with a higher level of accuracy. This also reduces the need for re-makes or adjustments of the crowns, braces and other dental restorations that we fit for our patients.

Another interesting benefit is that we now have the ability to show our patients their mouths on the big screen, meaning we can show patients what is going on in their mouth during the appointment.

The introduction of this new scanner marks the start of our Digital Dentistry initiative which will continue throughout 2018.

Pictured in this article are a few shots of our team receiving in-house training on our new digital scanner.

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