Testimonials from Firs Premier Patients

Firs Premier in Leicester - Patient Testimonials

Kelly-Anne was very helpful to me this morning and fitted me into an urgent appointment well before opening time. I found her and the treating dentist Muhammed Zakaria Essa very professional and helpful in all regards.

Janusz Jankowski

I would like to say a massive thank you to everyone at Firs Dental especially Richard and Mary who have constantly shown me understanding and support throughout the treatment I have had. I came to Firs after being badly let down by my previous dentist and right from my first consultation they put me completely at ease. They listened to my concerns and went through my treatment options in great detail. They have gone over and above what I expected from a dentist, from Mary holding my hand when I had several teeth removed, to Richard calling me the following day to ask if I was ok. They have both been truly amazing and without doubt I would recommend Firs Dentist to anyone.


Just wanted to say thank you to all the staff for how well they looked after me for my tooth extraction.
I have a massive needle and dentist phobia and have not been to the dentist since I was a child (I’m now 37!) but Chris and Leona were so lovely to me even though I was absolutely terrified. Chris took his time with me (especially numbing the area) and Leona held my hand literally the whole time I was in the chair. They even allowed me to have a friend with me during the procedure. Chris and Leona explained every step of the process and what was happening, and they did not rush me once. They listern to my fears and I felt like they really understood me. They were so kind, caring and understanding, even when I was freaking out. And the reception team were equally as lovely. Even though I’m still not over my phobias, I’m that tiny bit closer than I was before. I never new lovely dental practices with staff that understood dentist and needled phobias actually existed!! I would definitely recommend Firs Dental to anyone but especially to anyone that is petrified or scared of the dentist. And who knows, one day I might be brave enough to even come back!

Sarah Weston

I had my wisdom teeth removed at firs dental. Dr Jigar Mehta was really supportive to me and clarified all my questions. He is so professional and friendly as well! Mary was amazing as well as she supported me when I was afraid! She held my hand and was so nice to me! Just wanted to say thank you to both of them!

Marisa Sofia Trindade

Unfortunately, my dentist's name has completely slipped my memory but she is amazing. Her attention to detail is fantastic, she always makes me feel at ease and does a very thorough job. I’ve had many fillings done over the years but never has someone gone to so much effort to ensure they are the right shape and texture. She also looks after my 3 young daughters and they have no problem at all in visiting her. A credit to the profession!


My visit to the dentist yesterday was just for a checkup. In the near future, I will be having a plate but will have to have a number of teeth removed when I have the courage. My dentist is very patient with me and I really appreciate this. Thank you.

Valerie Jay

I have only just moved to the Firs Dental practice from another in the last month. I needed a filling and a crown. They have been excellent, professional and friendly. The treatment has been incredible. Wish I had moved to them years ago. Would certainly highly recommend them.

Brenda Bentham
Birstall Leicester

On 14 February this year an E Max Monolithic Zirconia Crown was fitted to my bottom right wisdom tooth by Dr Gupta, my dentist, at the Firs dental practice in Birstall, Leicester.
Dr Gupta explained the process of digital impressioning before taking pictures of my tooth and the surrounding area. Amazed, I watched his computer screen as a 3D image ‘grew’ before my eyes. When complete, this was sent (via the Internet) to a dental laboratory in Hong Kong, where my overlay was made.
Three weeks later it had arrived at the Firs and was fitted – perfectly and painlessly – to become ‘my tooth’.
From the outset, this repair to my only remaining wisdom tooth has been a most interesting experience. It has made me aware of the expertise of my dentist and the beauty of perfection that the internet and technology can nowadays afford.
A big THANK YOU to Dr Gupta and his team at the Firs Dental Practice.
From: P Wendy Allen

Patricia Wendy Allen

Can I huge say a Huge Huge Huge thank you to everyone at Firs dental for the treatment and reassurance given over the last few weeks. I don’t think I could ever put into words how truly amazing everyone has been. I’ve gone from being completely phobic (to the point of virtually fainting at the thought of coming to a dentist) made worse over the last couple of years when the realisation that any treatment would now be 100 times worse, to today feeling confident that I could calmly go through treatment.

The respect, reassurance and support given is exactly what I needed, and for the 1st time in my life, I’ve felt listened to and understood which has really helped breaking down my barriers. Special mention to Dr Ghadiali, for putting up patiently to all the random stuff ive been spouting out and being truly amazing with his support and helping me build trust in a dentist, to Nadine and Leanne, for their reassurance and squeezable hands (hope there’s no lasting damage), and to Jo who week by week, has remembered I’m a nervous patient, the reassuring smiles havent gone unnoticed and have been appreciated. I know it’s “Your job”, but I really wanted to reach out and try to express how grateful and thankful I am, as between you, you have absolutely changed my life! I will NEVER avoid or miss an appointment again!


To all the lovely receptionists at the Firs dental practice and especially to Dr Raj Gupta who has been absolutely wonderful throughout all my visits. I can say hand on heart that Dr Gupta has completed an excellent job on my teeth and I’m able to chew food again, The patience he has is outstanding I would highly recommend him to anyone. A Star all the way.


The dentist had never been my favourite place but when I visit Firs Dental and Dr Ahmad I now feel much more confident and less anxious. Everyone from the reception staff, dental nurses and dentists are professional, kind, helpful and they all make you feel at ease. My whole family attends and they would all agree with what I have said.
We all have great faith in them, as the staff referred my brother to the hospital with concerns about cancer. Which his GP had failed to identify. Two years into recovery the Firs staff including Dr Brown are still helping with treatment and working alongside the Maxi-facial department. Thank you to you all at Firs Dental


It’s some distance from my home to The Firs Dental Practice – but completely worth the journey! Raj Gupta has been my Dentist for many years and I trust him completely. He always puts the patient’s best interest first, is always at the forefront of new developments and never hesitates to give options – from pain relief to materials used – he is completely patient orientated. In addition, the dental surgeries are always spotlessly clean and all staff are friendly, warm and well informed. I would be lost without The Firs!!


To be honest the dentists is not my favourite place! The fact I go every 3 months is a testament to the confidence I have in my dentist. You get treated as an individual, you get given options and you choose. All the staff are extremely friendly and when I’ve had an abscess I got an appointment on the same day. I have got the dental plan and I highly recommend it.


I have always had the utmost confidence in the Firs Practice. I know everyone so well now that it’s the easiest of processes to get appointments, cancel or rearrange. Receptionists are always very friendly, helpful and efficient and the dentists are professional, patient and inspire confidence. I would always recommend the Firs and have, in fact, already done so on more than one occasion.


We have been patients for many, many years and feel the care and attention we receive from all staff is excellent.

Pat & Derrick

Having been bothered about my teeth for some time I visited Raj who over the last 3 months has transformed them! I am so happy with my new beautiful smile it’s increased my confidence no end. Raj and the team were kind, patient and made me feel at ease throughout the whole process. Thank you so much


Raj has been the most patient, gentle, kind man throughout the whole course of my dental visits to him. He has left me with a smile I can be proud of.
He has taken me through thick and thin, he has always smiled and given full explanations of what he is doing to me.
I am still the nervous anxious patient – he has helped so much to relax me, puts up with me asking to have the window open or the air conditioning on. If I ask him to wait, so I de-stress myself, he waits. I have never ever had a private dentist before, I have always had the butcher NHS all my life.
I would and I do recommend Firs Dental to anyone and everybody I meet and see – Raj, you have transformed my life and I forever will be grateful to you because of that.
I have never ever hugged a dentist before, but Raj got two hugs from me. He deserved them purely because he is such a nice person through and through – he does not sugarcoat anything; he is honest & sincere.
If I had Raj as a friend in real life, I know he would be a friend for life. I wish him all the best for the Practice to continue to grow.

East Goscote

I recently visited Firs Dental for the first time. The staff were all very friendly. I had my teeth whitened, three crowns and three fillings. This was a very pleasant experience, the whole process was completed very quickly and efficiently. The dentist was excellent, very professional and caring. I am absolutely delighted with the result and wish I had had the treatment years ago. Looking back at photos I always smiled hiding my teeth! I can honestly say it was also a painless experience.


A fantastic practice – I wouldn’t go anywhere else and love my teeth after having 6 Month Smile braces. 


Thank you to all the staff today from booking my appointment to having my tooth out I felt really looked after and just wanted to thank all of you for making the experience as easy as possible!

Miss Mason