Dental Fillings

Find out about fillings, your options and what we offer

Fillings are used to repair a cavity in your tooth caused by decay. There are a range of fillings available on the NHS and should you wish to improve the cosmetic appearance of your teeth, Firs Premier could offer you additional options.

What type of filling will I have?

Fillings are made from a number of materials and should you require a filling your dentist will offer you the most appropriate type of filling for your clinical (medical) needs. 

Fillings available on the NHS:

  • Amalgam (silver-coloured) – used for fillings on posterior (back) teeth. 
  • Composite (tooth-coloured) – used for anterior (front) teeth. 
  • Glass ionomer (tooth-coloured) – used on baby (first) teeth and occasionally on adult teeth. 

Fillings are placed into your tooth and sculpted to ensure the way you bite will not be altered after treatment. You must follow the care and advice recommended by your dentist so the filling is retained and your tooth remains healthy.

What happens if the damage requires more than a filling?

If the damage is more extensive and a filling is not suitable, then you may need an inlay or onlay. The damaged area is removed and rather than a standard filling, a laboratory will make a moulded filling, which is made to fit the tooth exactly.

Would you prefer a Tooth Coloured Filling?

Tooth Coloured Fillings are offered as part of the private treatments available at Firs Premier. Should you wish to discuss this option then please speak to your dentist.

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