Routine Dental Appointments

Why it's important to have regular dental appointments

Regular professional cleaning to remove plaque and tartar, combined with looking after your teeth and gums properly at home, will help keep your mouth healthy. A clean and healthy mouth will improve your appearance, help you to keep your teeth and give you fresh breath.

At what age should my child start having routine dental appointments

It is important for your child to start attending appointments with your dentist from an early age. The general rule is around the time of the eruption of the first tooth. Taking your child to the dentist at a young age is the best way to prevent problems such as tooth decay, and can help parents learn how to clean their child's teeth and identify his or her fluoride needs. It also helps your child to become accustomed to dental visits and the dental environment.

How to look after your Dental Hygiene between visits

There are many oral care products you can get, including specialist toothpaste, electric or ‘power' toothbrushes, and mouthwashes. Flossing with interdental brushes is also highly recommended. Your Dentist will recommend those that are best for you.

We recommend that you follow three simple steps to help keep your teeth and gums healthy:

  • Brush your teeth last thing at night and at least one other time during the day, with a fluoride toothpaste
  • Cut down on how often you have sugary foods and drinks
  • Visit your Dentist regularly

Chewing sugar-free gum for 10 minutes after meals can also help to prevent tooth decay. Chewing gum makes your mouth produce more saliva, which neutralises the acid produced during and after drinking and eating.

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Routine Dental Appointments