Firs Dental Patient Charter

Patient Charter

Take a look at our Firs Dental Patient Charter

As a practice we aim to consistently;

  • Exceed patient expectations by providing unparalleled service and care, paying attention to detail and demonstrating a passion for excellence.
  • Honour their dignity and value each and every patient who chooses our practice.
  • Constantly seek to develop and gain knowledge individually and as a team to remain at the cutting edge of technology within dentistry today.
  • Help each patient achieve the best oral and dental health available to them.
  • Work as a team with the aim of enhancing the quality of our patients' day to day life and confidence through their dental care.
  • Empower our patients to accept their dental care for their health gain.
  • Be a caring and approachable practice for both adults and children alike, for them to recommend their family and friends.
  • Recognise that happy, healthy patients are self-motivated, where they not only want and expect the best but continue to do so for the benefit of their own good health and appearance.   
  • Deliver dental services whilst being pro-diversity and anti-discriminatory, with relation to religion, sex, disability, age, and employment.
  • Continually strive to help all our members of staff become more aware of the importance of equality, diversity and human rights.